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Hack Cartoons

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Caricature is the art of exaggerating someone's features, so as to reveal something of their essential character. I produce one-off caricatures to illustrate newspaper and magazine features, and for commercial clients and individuals.

Some of my notable clients have included Sky News and Screen International.

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  • Thumbnail, J-Lo, caricature
  • Thumbnail, Blair, caricature
  • Thumbnail, Kidman, caricature
  • Thumbnail, Radcliffe, caricature
  • Thumbnail, Pope, caricature
  • Thumbnail, Gordon brown, caricature
J-Lo, caricature, joke
Tony Blair, caricature, joke
Nicole Kidman, caricature, joke
Paula Radcliffe, caricature, joke
Pope, caricature, joke
Gordon Brown, caricature, joke